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Why You Should Get on a Ski Trip Wait List

Why You Should Get on a Ski Trip Wait List


Oh noooooo! The ski trip you wanted to sign up for is already full. Should you bother to get on the wait list? The answer is an unequivocal YES!


Here’s why:

  • Most trips do have cancellations and may exhaust their wait lists, so your odds of getting on the trip are usually pretty good

  • You’ll get first crack at any openings that come up

  • No financial risk – your check won’t be deposited until a space opens up for you AND you confirm that you’ll go

  • Yes, you can be on a wait list for more than one trip, and then you can grab the first opening that is offered to you


To get on the wait list, send your registration materials (including deposit check) to the trip leader. The leader will maintain a wait list in the order registrations were received. When a spot becomes available, the next person on the wait list will be contacted about the opening.


Please don’t ask the trip leader to keep you in mind for an opening without officially getting on the wait list. The trip leaders are already juggling a lot of balls and can’t be responsible for remembering who has said they might be interested in going on the trip. Be the person who is at the top of the wait list with a deposit check, so you get the first call when a space opens up!

Which Season Pass Should You Buy?


The question we all ask ourselves each year…

This is always a hot topic and a choice only you can make as to which one is going to be right for your ski season!


Ski passes are becoming more desirable, but they do make us have to think months and even possibly a year in advance. The facts that (1) many resorts do not sell individual daily tickets onsite, and (2) the rack rate online – to say the least – is way expensive makes buying a pass an attractive option. The window to get the best price for the major multi-mountain starts in the spring of each season. So, you will need to start thinking about making your plans soon. And to that end, KOPSC will be announcing next year’s trips in early spring of 2023, too.


The four major players for passes (EPIC, Ikon, Mountain Collective and Indy) offer new and different options for each season.


***Keep this information in mind as you enjoy this ski season, but it’s not too soon to start to dream about the 2024 season! The Ski Trip Planning Committee plans to roll out our trips in late April so you can all get a jump on the best ski pass values.***

Which Season Pass Should You Buy?

Skiing Without a Pass: Plan Ahead

If you are one of the procrastinators who did not buy one of the ski passes when they were at their lowest prices last spring, you still need to do a little planning to get regular tickets at some resorts. Many ski areas no longer sell tickets at the mountain. You must buy your ticket online and make a reservation for the day you want to ski. Some resorts are also limiting the number of tickets they sell for any given day, and online ticket prices can vary from day to day. The further ahead you plan, the better your chances of getting a reservation and a more reasonable ticket price for the days you want to hit the slopes.


Plan ahead – check the resort’s website for ticketing requirements. There are still a few online non-resort ticket sellers. It is worth the effort to check them out to see what they have available on the days you plan to ski:


Retailers in resort areas are also known to sell lift tickets. Check the ski shops, grocery stories and even gas stations. Leave no snow untracked in your search for the best price of a lift ticket!


Happy skiing.

Skiing Without a Pass: Plan Ahead
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