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Send Us Your Photos!


Have you checked out our online photo gallery lately at Webmaster Stephen  Chrostowski has done an incredible job of organizing and displaying photos from our ski trips and many other activities. We want more of them! Activity leaders and others, please submit your KOPSC photos as .jpg files to Stephen Chrostowski with “web photos” and the activity name in the subject line. We’d love for everyone who visits our website to see how much fun we’re having!

RSVP Process for KOPSC Activities


The KOPSC Activities Committee has transitioned to an online RSVP process. This step was taken to protect the privacy of our leaders, as our website is accessible by the general public.


Our RSVP process uses the club’s webpages and is accessed through the links listed on event postings in the Activities Calendar. Members will use the Activity Information page ( to request information or RSVP for posted activities. It has fields for the member’s name and email address (which allows both manual and auto filling), dropdown list of activities and message section. This page will be forwarded to the Activity Leader, who will respond to the member.

Here’s how it works:

Typical activity postings include the event name and description, when and where, cost, leader’s name, and the link to the Activity Information page. Click to open the link, enter the required information, select the appropriate activity from the dropdown menu for “Request Information on” and click Send. If the event has a cost and requires payment by check, the event leader will respond and provide necessary information for submitting the check.


For events that are set up for credit card/PayPal payment, event posting will include a link to the KOPSC Store (, where you can RSVP simply by purchasing the event in the KOPSC Store.


For events that require a KOPSC Individual Activity Registration/Release form, each participant will download the form, complete it and send it to the Activity Leader – either by mail or as a scanned copy attached to an email. For group events, the Activity Leader will usually have a group registration form for participants to sign at the event. Specifics will be included in each activity listing.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re interested in volunteering but don’t think any of these listings is a good fit, feel free to contact a Committee Chair to inquire about opportunities

Snow Angels Co-Chair

The current Snow Angels Chair Tyler Thomas is specifically looking for someone to help out from a Co-Chair perspective. Tasks could include:

  • Managing communications to the club or website

  • Aiding the Chair in collecting and dropping off donations from our general membership meeting collection drives

  • Attending the KOPSC Board meeting when Chair isn’t available

  • Taking the lead on a specific collection drive or volunteer activity

  • Providing fresh new ideas


Please reach out to Tyler below to chat about how you can get involved. Thanks!

Tyler Thomas, Snow Angels Chair



Communications Committee

Help needed in managing the News Flurries. This primarily involves project management – keeping track of what needs to be done and when, as well as reminding contributors to submit their articles. If you have proofreading skills, we would be happy to have you work on editing articles, but that’s optional. This is a great way to learn more about how the club functions – you’ll have your finger on the pulse of everything. Contact Ann Davis if interested.

Uncle KOPSC.jpg

Monthly Meeting at Cedars


Remember we have a new venue for our monthly membership meetings. We’ll be at Cedars (formerly Norristown Cedar Club) at 810 W. Germantown Pike East Norriton. This is a great meeting hall for our club, and it’s just a few miles from our previous meeting spot in Jeffersonville.


Mark from Cedars will be selling a meatball sandwich with potato salad and Cole slaw for $10, and and water or soda for $2. Note that this venue is BYOB!


Looking forward to seeing you at Cedars!

Real ID Deadline Postponed to 2025


Just when we were telling you the Real ID deadline was finally approaching after lengthy postponements, the Department of Homeland Security has announced an extension to May 7, 2025. Like the previous postponements, this one is partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lingering effects thereof. The ability to obtain a REAL ID driver’s license over the past two years has been hindered by state driver’s licensing agencies having to work through the backlogs created by the pandemic. So regarding the previous article we posted about the deadline coming up May of 2023… never mind!


Is It Your Turn to Give Back?

Board Elections Are Coming Up


It’s that time of year again! We are now accepting nominations for the 2023-2024 season Board of Directors. We need you to raise your hand OR nominate others for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member-at-Large.

Why Serve on the Board?

  • Give back to a club that has enriched your sports and social life

  • Influence how the club, its trips, and activities operate

  • Add impressive leadership experience to your resume

  • Build lasting relationships with fellow Board members

Take a peek at the Board position descriptions to learn more about responsibilities and qualifications… and to see the smiling faces of your current Board.

Don’t be shy. Contact Member-at-Large Rick Bunn for more information, to nominate a fellow member or to raise your hand to ensure the King of Prussia Ski Club continues its tradition of excellent trips, activities, and all things fun!

Rick Bunn


Uncle KOPSC.jpg

Suggestions for Award Recipients?


Each year before the Spring Banquet, the Board of Directors selects club members to receive the awards listed below. The Board welcomes input from the membership. If you have any recommendations for potential recipients of any of these awards, you can contact any Board member, or you can submit names through our online suggestion box at Be sure to specify the award(s) for which you are recommending candidates, and provide details on what these candidates have done to deserve recognition.


  • Eric Award goes to a “most valuable player” type who has demonstrated consistent involvement and leadership with the club.

  • Unsung Hero Award is given to someone who has continuously been involved with the club, possibly in a variety of roles, but who may not get the recognition they deserve.

  • Ambassador of the Year Award is for an individual who has made a significant contribution in terms of recruitment efforts and positive representation of the club.

  • Michele Grant Activities Award is named in memory of a former member and recognizes individuals who dive in and get involved in leading activities.

  • Rookie of the Year Award is given to someone who is relatively new to the club (first or second year) and quickly got involved in activities and/or committees.

  • President’s Award honors someone whose support has been particularly valuable to the President. While the recipient is determined by the President (and not the Board), Joanie Riemenschneider would be happy to receive your input.

January Meeting Recap


Thanks to everyone who came out to our general membership meeting on January 17th! Some great prizes were given out, including a $25 Buckman’s gift card, pizza sets, a wildlife calendar, and some alcohol. The brand-new member directories were available for pickup.


I hope everyone can make it to our next meeting on February 21st, which will be our “Sweethearts meeting.” Wear your red. Until then, THINK SNOW!


Wendie Hetherington

Programs Chair

RSVP Process for KOPSC Activities
Send Us Your Photos!
Volunteer Opportunity
Monthly Meeting at Cedars
Real ID Deadline Postponed to 2025
Board Elections Are Coming Up
Suggestions for Award Recipients?
January Meeting Recap
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