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Announcing the 2021-2022 Board of Directors:

President: Joanie Riemenschneider

Vice President: Tom Ott

Treasurer: Joe Shields

Secretary: Linda Titanich

Member-at-Large: Mark Schleyer

Member-at-Large: Sue Hayes

Past President: Jeri Lovatt


Congratulations and thank you for your commitment to KOPSC!

What You Missed at the April Monthly Meeting


Here’s what you missed in case you didn’t log onto the April meeting on Tuesday the 20th:

  • The 2021-2022 KOPSC Board of Directors was elected. We wish them lots of success in the year ahead.

  • Thanks to Terry Miller for hosting “Name that Tune” and testing our music trivia knowledge from various decades. Winners of gift cards were: Dave Mertz (Mission BBQ), Mark Schleyer (Taphouse 23), Terri Branca (Miller’s Ale House), Joanie Riemenschneider (Roots), and Ann Davis (bottle of wine).

  • Hyung Park gave us an update on Activities. If you are interested in paddleboarding or sailing, contact Judy Simone. More people are needed to lead bike rides – contact Hyung if interested. Twelve people participated in our March Madness pool run by Mike Dickey, and the winner of a club membership for the coming year was Jerry Salomone. Janice Arena and Gary Wilks were tied for second place. An NFL pool will be coming up in August. That winner will also receive a club membership.

  • Membership Chair Cheryl Brokaw still has directories available. Contact her to have one mailed to you. Cheryl also said no new applications for the next membership year will be accepted prior to June 2nd.

  • VP Lori Stevens updated us on the annual banquet. Get ready to put on your dancing shoes for the banquet to be held July 23rd at People’s Light in Malvern. The banquet will be held both inside and in an outdoor tent. The DJ will be Steve Andrusiw, and Lori announced there will be no dance cards this year. If interested in helping with decorations or logistics, contact Lori. The cost will be $65 for club members. Our outstanding members will be recognized for their contributions to the club, and awards will be presented.

  • Ski Trip Planning Committee Chair Rick Bunn said the committee is working on next year’s trips, and they will be announced next month. Watch the page for updates.

  • We hope to be able to see you IN PERSON at our September meeting!


Have a great summer and stay safe,

Jackie and Jenny

Programs Committee

New RSVP Process for KOPSC Activities


The KOPSC Activities Committee is making the transition to a new RSVP process. Now that all of our activities and events are posted publicly on our website (, we are taking this step to protect the privacy of our leaders. The website is the host of News Flurries and KOPSC Activities Calendar where up-to-date information on our activities is posted. These web pages are readily accessible from computers and mobile devices.


The new process uses the club webpages and is accessed through the links listed on event postings on the Listserv distribution and Activities Calendar. Members will use the Activity Information page activity-info to request information or RSVP for posted activities. It has fields for member’s name and email address (which allows both manual and auto filling), dropdown list of activities and message section. This page will be forwarded to the Activity Leader, who will respond to the member.

Here’s how it will work:

Typical activity postings include the event name and description, when and where, cost, leader’s name, and the link to the Activity Information page. Click to open the link, enter the required information, select the appropriate activity from the dropdown menu for “Request Information on” and click Send. If the event has a cost and requires payment by check, the event leader will respond and provide necessary information for submitting the check.


For events that are set up for credit card/PayPal payment, event posting will include link to the KOPSC Store (, where you can RSVP simply by purchasing the event in the KOPSC Store. The activity leader will follow up with you to acknowledge your registration.


For events that require a KOPSC Individual Activity Registration/Release form, each participant will download the form, complete it and send it to the Activity Leader – either by mail or as a scanned copy attached to an email. An update on the release form will be coming forth when the electronic release form and submission is ready.

Message from the President on COVID Compliance

We made it through 2020, which proved to be a most unusual and challenging year, and some have already enjoyed some time on the snow this year! 2021 is bringing with it some continued restrictions on our way of life, at least for the near future. Our Board members have had the unique challenge in the past year of maintaining the operations of the club, planning and executing meetings and activities – mostly virtually – while continually keeping informed of current regulations. We need to ask all of you for your cooperation in keeping our membership safe.

Please remember to wear a mask when you attend any function with folks outside your household. Our behavior affects not only ourselves, but also our friends, family and community. We wear helmets, lower the bar on the lift, put on our seat belt before driving, and now we wear a mask before going out. We are hosting a number of virtual activities to help get us through the coldest of days, and to keep us in touch with each other as we maintain “social distance” from each other.


The Ski Trip Planning Committee has faced particular challenges in trying to stay on top of thevery fluid COVID-19 regulations for each ski area. They work with the trip leaders to plan frequent virtual meetings with the tour operators, mountain representatives and trip attendees to address any concerns or new developments for the trips, while trying to keep everyone as informed and up-to-date as possible. Not only are they dealing with the current 2021 trips, but are also trying to plan the 2022 trips! Take the time to send a note of thanks to the 2020-2021 STPC team members for all their hard work on our behalf, and wish the 2021-2022 members well as they work hard to plan some fun and cost-effective trips for us for next season.


Think Snow and Stay Healthy!




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