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Council News: EPSC, NSCF, Met/NYSC

Ski Industry News

Jackson Hole Announces New Sublette Lift For Next Season. The resort is retiring the classic quad chair after 37 years of operation with a faster and more powerful detachable quad this summer. Details here.

Major $3 Billion Expansion Project Proposed for Killington, VT. A Canadian company is looking to add more allure to the resort with $3 billion in capital investment to the area over the next 25 years. The proposal will focus on a reimagination of Killington Village. Details here.

Indy Pass to Debut Digital Pass in 2024-25. The rollout resorts for the digital Indy Pass will be Magic Mountain in Vermont, Beaver Mountain in Utah, and Bluewood in Washington. The cell phone-enabled pass will initially be offered to a select group of Indy Pass holders. Details here.

This Group of Skiers is the Most Likely to Have a Fatal Accident, According to Experts. The data don’t lie: middle-aged men are most likely to misjudge their abilities and get in over their heads. Details here.

Your Ski Helmet Could Be Pointless If You’re Doing These 7 Things. Helmets don't need to be replaced too often, but there are instances when a new lid is warranted. Evie Carrick digs into those guidelines, as well as six other things skiers might be doing that can compromise the efficacy of their helmets. Details here.

Jackson Hole Collision Death Adds to Growing Slope Safety Conversation. Peter Wuerslin, a 71-year-old ski instructor, was killed after being struck from behind by another skier who was also travelling downhill on an intermediate trail at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, April 14. The Teton County coroner has ruled the death a homicide. Details here.

“Roller Coaster” 2023-24 Season Sees 60.4 Million Skier Visits. The U.S. ski industry overcame significant weather challenges in 2023-24 to post the fifth best season on record, according to preliminary data from the National Ski Area Association (NSAA). Details here.

US 23-24 Season Snowfall Total 10% Below 10-Year Average. In 2023-24 season data, America's National Ski Areas Association reports average snowfall totaled 158” (401cm), 10% below the 10-year average and well below 225” (571 cm) average in 2022-2023. But business totals were still the 5th best ever. Details here.

Eight Signs It Might Be Time For New Skis. You probably don’t need new skis. Unless you really do. Here's how you'll know. Details here.

Preparing for Skiing as Winters Become Warmer. Winters are getting warmer, and skiing is changing. This is what Snowbird and Alta are doing to help future generations of skiers. Details here.

Nine Things About Skiing in the U.S. That Shock Europeans. From “eye-watering” prices to “crappy lodge food,” Alps skiers share some blistering opinions about North American ski resorts. Details here.

The First Ski Lift in the World. The first ski lift in the world was created more than 100 years ago by a German hotel owner in the village of Schollach in the Black Forest region in Germany. Details here.

Ski Industry News
NSAA Journal Winter 2024

Need to buy an IKON Pass?

Late Deals Available

Gone is the time when you could have purchased an IKON pass at its lowest price for the 2024-2025 ski season. However, you can still get a slight discount through the Metropolitan NY Ski Council, thanks to the perks of KOPSC’s membership in this Council. If you are in the market to buy, contact your Met/NYSC rep Lydia Hill (215-760-3322) for information on how to get the pass discount. In addition to saving you a little money, the Council will get a credit for the purchase. You will get a code from the Council that you enter on the IKON website when you purchase the pass. After acquiring enough credits, the Council earns an IKON pass that they can turn around and sell to any ski club member (on a first come first served basis) to earn money for operating expenses. Last year, they earned enough credits to get two base passes and a four-day pass. Lydia can provide you with information on how to get the discount code.

Need to buy an IKON Pass?
EPSC Needs Your Help

EPSC Needs Your Help


Like all not-for-profit organizations, Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council depends on its volunteers to keep the organization viable. The major purpose of EPSC is to support snow sports and activities within its member clubs (including KOPSC).


EPSC programs and activities include discount benefits, ski trip postings, ski racing, council ski trips and a golf tournament. They are looking for help with these activities, as well as support committees to keep the council working efficiently. Areas that are in need of volunteers are:




Public Relations



Ski Trip Planning


This is a good opportunity to get involved in supporting skiing/boarding programs and activities that benefit winter sports in our clubs. Volunteer today. For more information, contact EPSC President, Dave Schoneker at or your EPSC rep Lydia Hill at

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