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Council News: EPSC, NSCF, Met/NYSC

EPSC Seeks Volunteers for Board, Committees


Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council is looking for volunteers to fill positions on their elected Board, as well as committees. Job descriptions are at the end of this article.

Elected Officer positions are:

  • Vice President

  • Recording Secretary

  • Corresponding Secretary

Committee positions are:

  • Trip Planning (East, West and International)

  • Discount Programs

  • Meeting Coordinator

  • Membership

  • Historian/Parliamentarian

  • Public Relations

  • Publications

EPSC is the central organization for 38 ski clubs in the tristate area with clubs as far west as Harrisburg, as far north as Scranton, as far east as the South Jersey shore, and as far south as Baltimore. The Council’s primary goal is to promote winter sports and provide help, services and skiing-related opportunities to their member clubs. It offers programs including a local racing program, annual Western Carnival ski trip, discount lift tickets, and annual golf tournament – all of which are open to all ski club members.


If you have a little extra time and are interested in helping EPSC continue its efforts to grow with the changing times within the ski industry, please contact one of the following:

Mitch Bower

EPSC President




Lydia Hill

KOPSC’s EPSC Representative


Council job descriptions:



  • Vice President assists the President in running board meetings in the President's absence. Technically is supposed to run the general meetings; it's largely a familiarization with the Council for the possibility of becoming president in the future.

  • Recording Secretary takes minutes at Board and& general meetings; it is preferred they be present at meetings, but we can record for later transcription.

  • Corresponding Secretary uses website Constant Contact to maintain communications and send notes/emails to the clubs/officers or other target audience. This requires no experience with Constant Contact. It would be helpful if they are moderately computer-literate and are comfortable with programs like Microsoft Word

Committee Chairs/Members

  • Website (currently maintained by current President and Corresponding Secretary) will be trained to learn how the site works. It is built on the WordPress platform, which user- friendly in creating and updating posts. President will continue to update the advanced-level items unless someone with WordPress administrator skills comes along. Secretary currently handles posting updates, articles and club news submitted by each club.

  • Trip Planning (Committee Members for East, West and International trips)

Volunteers will assist our committee chairs in reviewing club feedback regarding selection of trip locations, tour operators and trip concepts for Western, Eastern and International trips. International is in its infancy and won't run until at least 2024, so this is the time to get in at the ground floor. Eastern is a simpler trip to run and we've done many in the past. Similar to the Western Carnival without the flights and large scale events. In other words, trips for clubs to select to run themselves based on info provided by EPSC.

  • Discount Programs has traditionally been a matter of running the lift ticket voucher program, which came to a close last season. The biggest function of this position now is to compile (or better yet seek out) discounts from various local and regional mountains. Those get placed on the calendar on our members’ area of the website for clubs to take advantage of.

  • Meeting Coordinator for EPSC’s two general meetings each year. Meeting coordinator contacts the venue(s) for these meetings and handles registrations.

  • Membership has traditionally meant processing club applications, which is simply reviewing and presenting to the Board for approval. We would like this position to also be involved in seeking out new clubs for membership, as well as visiting existing clubs to communicate the benefits of EPSC membership

  • Public Relations involves keeping the “media guide” current, which requires using Adobe Photoshop/Illustration and other publication-type software. This person also will place ads for events like our auction or golf outing.'

  • Historian/Parliamentarian maintains order in meetings, ensures the meeting follows basic Roberts Rules of Order.

  • Publications person compiles and designs the annual “Snowdrifts” newsletter for print or online distribution at clubs, resorts and ski shops.

  • Fundraising person helps plan events such as our annual golf outing as well as our annual auction if the event returns post-pandemic

EPSC Seeks Volunteers for Board, Committees

Ski Industry News

Pacific Group Resorts buy Jay Peak. Park City slips in Ski Mag ratings. Vail extends reach to Switzerland. Check out the latest ski industry news on the National Ski Council Federation’s Newsbeat page:

Ski Industry News

Discounted Ikon Pass Is on Sale for Next Season!


The Ikon pass is now on sale for the 2023-2024 season. Their early signup (available at, which offers their best pricing for the season, will only run through May 4th. Check out the KOPSC ski trip destinations for next season (to be announced soon) to see if this is the pass for you.

If you are purchasing the Ikon pass for the first time, the Metropolitan New York Ski Council of (which KOPSC is a member) has secured slightly better pricing for NEW passes than what is being offered online through Ikon. Contact the Met NYSC Chairman, Mike Caldazone at for details on purchasing the pass through the council.

If you are a current Ikon pass holder and decide to renew for the 2023-24 season, you can also consider renewing through Met NYSC. There is no price difference between renewing online or through the council, but the council does get a credit for the renewal. If enough credits are accumulated, the council will earn a free Ikon pass, which they will raffle off to earn money for the council to help offset their operating expenses. Mike Caldazone is also the contact for details on renewing your Ikon pass.

Discounted Ikon Pass Is on Sale for Next Season!
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