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Come out and play golf! It's a great way to show off your skills and have fun.

Golf Leaders Needed!


We need new organizers for our weekly Golf outings for this year. If interested in helping out with either activity, please contact Tom Holder at  <>. 


Play Fast! Max 4 over par, each hole. Player may pick up at any time. 40 points score method, team is 2 players, team points 18. One point per hole per player (9 points per player) Match points is 4 points lowest net.

Team points awarded one each hole to the lowest combined net score, 2 points per hole. Tie splits.

Lost ball/unplayable Lie/out of bounds/wooded area/any ball moved: ONE Stroke Penalty (Add a stroke) 


Match: a foursome

Absentee match: no sub - 4 stroke penalty.

Handicaps: Not over triple bogie, average adjusted score times, 96 minus par for course.

Rainouts: You will be notified


After golf happy hour will be at the Mainland Grill.


Commissioner: Brian Brady


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