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King of Prussia Ski Club

Ski Trip Policy

Updated November 9, 2021

IMPORTANT: It is the member’s responsibility to read, understand, and adhere to this policy.

RESERVATIONS: A member must be in good standing as of May 1st of the prior season to be eligible for the “first signup rights” for King of Prussia ski trips (e.g., member as of May 1, 2022, to sign up for 2022-2023 trips). The dates for first signup and regular signup are determined by whether the trip is designated as an “early signup” trip or a “regular signup” trip.

Presentation of Trips:

The Ski Trip Planning Committee will endeavor to have ski trips for the upcoming season planned and announced by the third Friday in April for the following ski season. (e.g., April 15, 2022 for the 2022-2023 season).

Early signup trips:

First signup occurs on a designated date in May (usually the second Wednesday) for trips taking early signups. (Information about early signup trips will be posted on the club’s website.)  If you are a member in good standing as of the previous May 1st, you may register by mail for these trips. Members who joined after May 1st may sign up for these trips after August 1st.

Regular signup trips:

For members in good standing as of the previous May 1st, first sign up for these trips occurs June 1st. Members who joined after May 1st may sign up for these trips after August 1st.

EPSC Reciprocity:

Members of other EPSC clubs are allowed to sign up for KOPSC trips after the September general meeting. Membership in KOPSC is not required, but participants must be able to prove current membership in an EPSC club.

Payment (all trips):

Initial payment, $35 of which is nonrefundable, must be accompanied by a properly completed and signed trip registration form. No reservation will be accepted without a form and deposit. Reservations will not be accepted from nonmembers, with the exception of EPSC club members as stipulated above. A payment schedule is provided for each trip and must be adhered to in order for individuals to retain their reserved spot.


Full refund (minus minimum $35 nonrefundable portion) will be issued IF SPOT IS FILLED. The trip leader will attempt to fill the cancelled spot from the waiting list first. If the spot cannot be filled from the waiting list, after confirming with the trip leader, the person cancelling may attempt to find a replacement at full or discounted cost, with the cancelling participant taking any loss incurred. Spots cannot be sold prior to exhausting the waiting list. Payments must be made to the club (through the trip leader), rather than directly to the cancelling member.

If a suitable replacement cannot be found, the member remains liable for any expense the club incurs, up to the entire cost of the trip. The trip leader will process any partial refund for funds returned by the travel agent, airline, or other vendor.

If additional costs are incurred due to cancellations (e.g., taxes, airline ticket-change fees, lodging), the cancelling member is responsible for those charges.

Last-Minute Cancellations

Trip participants must understand that it may not be possible to find a replacement in the week leading up to a trip, in which case, the participant may be held responsible for the full cost. This particularly holds for air trips, owing to increasingly restrictive airline policies regarding last-minute passenger changes.


In the event the club cancels a scheduled ski trip due to lack of snow or any other reason, the club will attempt to reimburse the participants to the extent possible. This is dependent upon the cancellation policies of lodges and transportation companies.


Because of the changeable and unpredictable nature of ski conditions, cancellation by the club due to lack of snow is extremely unlikely. If you feel that going on a particular trip is not worth your while, you are free to cancel, subject to the provisions described in the section

“Cancellation by a Member.”


It is highly recommended that each member who signs up for a trip consider purchasing trip insurance. Be sure to ask your trip leader for information on insurance options available to you.


KOPSC Ski Trip Policy Updated November 9, 2021

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