Preview of the 2021-2022 Ski Trips!

Details of our 2021-2022 ski trips are coming soon! To give all our skiers a heads up, here is the list of dates and destinations.

  • Lake George/Gore Mountain, New York

    • December Dec. 29th – January 2nd

    • Bus trip (will change to drive-up if fewer than 30 signups)

  • Belleayre, New York

    • January 21st – 23rd

    • Drive-up trip

  • Telluride, Colorado

    • January 29th – February 5th

    • EPSC Carnival Trip

    • Accepts Epic Pass

  • Stowe, Vermont

    • February 10th – 13th

    • Bus trip (will change to drive-up if fewer than 30 signups)

    • Accepts Epic Pass

  • Panorama, Alberta, Canada

    • February 19th – 26th

    • Accepts Mountain Collective Pass

    • Optional day trip to Kicking Horse, which accepts Epic Pass

  • Taos, New Mexico

    • February 26th – March 5th

    • Accepts Ikon and Mountain Collective Passes

  • Sunday River, Maine

    • March 6th – 11th

    • Midweek bus trip (will change to drive-up if fewer than 30 signups)

    • Accepts Ikon Pass

  • Mammoth, California

    • March 12th – 19th

    • Accepts Ikon and Mountain Collective Passes

  • Crested Butte, Colorado

    • March 30th – April 4th

    • Accepts Epic pass


Full details, along with a sneak preview video will be available at the Annual Banquet on July 23rd. Be sure to sign up for the banquet and be among the first members to see these exciting trip destinations in full color! Pick up trip flyers and start making plans for your 2021-2022 club ski trips with your ski buddies.


Early signup starts Wednesday, August 11th for members in good standing as of May 31st (September 1st for new members in good standing). Eligibility for early signup is detailed here.


We Are So Excited for 2021-2022!

How About Being a Trip Leader?

We are looking for members who are interested in being Trip Leaders and Assistant Trip Leaders for the

2021-2022 ski season.

The Ski Trip Planning Committee is in the process of completing the ski trip schedule for the 2021-2022

season. As one of the final steps in the process, we are looking to select Trip Leaders and Assistant Trip

Leaders for our nine trips. The selection of the leaders is one of the most important and impactful

decisions that is made for the trips. These individuals have direct contact with the members and a

significant impact on the success of the trip.


The STPC developed a Board-approved guideline for selection of Trip Leaders and Assistant Trip Leaders,

including qualifications and responsibilities for these positions. Additional information has been included

below that is copied from the KOPSC Ski Trip Leader’s Guide and will be used in the selection process.


If you are interested in being a Trip Leader or Assistant Trip Leader, please email or call Rick Bunn at or 484-354-2303. I will be glad to discuss your interest and provide

additional information on the upcoming ski season and your participation as a potential leader. All

responses received will be summarized and provided to the KOPSC Board, with recommendations based

on the Ski Trip Leader’s Guide, for final approval.

We need involvement and participation from the KOPSC membership to support all the great events that

are planned by the club, so please consider how you can contribute to the success of these events.


Trip Leader Selection Process

The selection process will match qualified leaders and assistants to trips they will be capable of

successfully running. The STPC and the Board will consider candidates based on experience, the desire of

the Leader to run a trip to the location, and the ability to successfully sell, manage, and run the trip.

Assistant Trip Leaders shall be selected or approved by the Trip Leader based on their qualifications and

their ability to work cooperatively with the Trip Leader.

The following sequence generally determines eligibility for Trip Leaders and Assistant Trip Leaders:


  • European Trip Leader shall have successfully served as a western Trip Leader

  • A western Trip Leader shall have successfully served as an eastern Trip Leader

  • A western Assistant Trip Leader shall have successfully served as an eastern Trip Leader

  • An eastern Trip Leader shall have successfully served as an Assistant eastern Trip Leader

  • Eastern Assistant Trip Leader is the entry point for becoming an eastern Trip Leader


Often, the Trip Leader selects their assistant after seeing who has signed up for the trip; however, the

assistant ideally should have been through the steps noted above. The KOPSC Board shall be the final

arbiter of the selection of Trip Leaders and Assistant Trip Leaders and may grant exceptions to the

sequence above.

Trip Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities

The Trip Leader qualifications generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Membership in good standing

  • Travel experience to a variety of locations either for business and leisure

  • Access to a computer and ability to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and email

  • A cell phone and commitment to be responsive to trip participants and club officials

  • Ability to keep accurate records on signups, payments, and participant contact information

  • Ability to accurately handle finances

  • Ability and willingness to proactively promote the trip to our members

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

  • Ability to organize activities

  • Ability to manage a large group while traveling

  • Demonstrated decision-making skills and willingness to accept responsibility

  • Commitment to attend all KOPSC monthly meetings prior to trip departure

  • Ability to successfully interact with the STPC

  • Prior experience as an Assistant Trip Leader


Assistant Trip Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities

The Assistant Trip Leader qualifications generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Membership in good standing

  • Good organizational skills

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Approval by the Trip Leader and ability to work with the Trip Leader

  • Ability to assist in accurately handling finances

  • Ability to assist in managing a large group while traveling

  • Ability to successfully interact with the STPC

  • Commitment to attend all KOPSC monthly meetings prior to trip departure


Ski Passes on Sale for 2021-2022

Ski passes are now on sale for next season. The big questions are (1) which pass is the one for you to match your skiing preferences, and (2) where is KOPSC going next year to ski? The good news is that the early purchase/renewal discounts are available into May 18th for the Ikon Pass. The Epic Pass, Indy Pass and Mountain Collective have not yet indicated when prices will increase or if they are limiting the number of passes to be sold for next season.   


The KOPSC Ski Trip Planning Committee is working diligently to finalize the club’s trips for the coming season. The target date to announce the destinations, which are not pass-specific, is mid-to-late April.


Several of the tour operators who are working with the STPC are offering the Ikon Pass to our members at the same price posted by Ikon. Anyone who buys the pass through them will receive a credit (amount determined by the type of pass purchased) to be applied toward the price of the trip. If you are interested in learning more about purchasing the Ikon pass through one of these tour operators and the trip credit, please contact us at or


If you are not familiar with all the ski passes mentioned above – and which US and international resorts are covered by each one – you can check them out at the links below:


What to know about trip insurance

By Rick Bunn, Ski Trip Planning Committee Co-Chair


With the uncertainty of travel for the upcoming ski season, should you purchase travel insurance to reduce the risk of financial loss from a trip cancellation? This year, with the COVID‑19 pandemic threatening to stick around for many months to come, trip insurance may be of particular interest, as it may be more difficult to fill your spot if you cancel. Note that KOPSC does not require that you purchase insurance before going on one of our ski trips; nor do we recommend any particular insurance vendor. This is a personal financial decision. There are varying levels of coverage and cost, and it’s very important to read a policy thoroughly and understand what is and isn’t covered.


So the question that everyone has is: “If my trip is cancelled because of COVID-19, will travel insurance reimburse all the money that I paid for the trip?” The short answer is NO. They may pay nothing or only a percentage of the trip cost. None of the policies that I reviewed offered 100% coverage for trip cancellation due to a COVID-19 outbreak.


Where should you go to find more information on travel insurance for the upcoming ski season? Most of our tour operators provide information on policies, as well as AAA and many other major insurance companies. Google it, and you will find more information than you could possibly need! When researching insurance carriers, determine the specific coverage you think you might need.


In addition to understanding specifics of a policy, it is also important to understand the KOPSC cancellation policy for ski trips, including what refunds you may be entitled to. Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may end up with partial refunds and/or credit vouchers that will need to be figured into your insurance claim. For example, if one of our western trips is cancelled, the airline may issue a voucher for a future flight rather than a refund, and the insurance policy most likely will not cover the value of that airline ticket, because you will have received compensation from the airline.


How do you determine what travel insurance policy to purchase? First, determine what goal you are trying to achieve with trip insurance. Calculate your possible loss under different cancellation scenarios. Look for policies that offer coverage in accordance with your goal and request a quote. Be sure the coverage you think you are purchasing is actually spelled out in the policy. Bear in mind that some insurance carriers will require that you purchase coverage within a certain period of time from making your first payment on the trip. The closer to the departure date of your trip, the less likely it is that you will be able to purchase the insurance you desire at a reasonable price.


After all this research, purchase the travel policy that meets your goal and then sit back and wait for snow.



The Epic Pass offers access to 59 different ski areas, and the Ikon Pass covers 44 different areas. Both offer unlimited days at core ski areas and 5–7 days at other mountains, depending on the type of pass you buy. The Mountain Collective Pass offers two days at 22 different ski areas and a 50% discount on the daily rate for all additional lift tickets.

Ikon Pass                                                                 Epic Pass                                                Mountain Collective Pass

Alta/Snowbird, UT                                                 Alfton Alps,MN                                       Alta/Snowbird, UT
Arapahoe Basin/Copper Mt, CO                         Alpine Valley/Mad River Mt, OH          Arapahoe Basin, CO
Aspen/Snowmass, CO                                          Attitash/Wildcat, NH                             Aspen/Snowmass, CO
Big Bear Mt, CA                                                      Boston Mills/Brandywine, OH            Banff Lake Louise/Sunshine, AB, Canada
Big Sky, MT                                                             Breckenridge/Keystone, CO                Big Sky, MT
Blue Mt, ON, Canada                                            Crested Butte, CO                                 Chamonix, France
Boyne Mt/Boyne Highlands, MI                           Fernie/Kinberley, BC Canada             Coronet Peak/Remarkables, NZ
Brighton/Solitude Mt, UT                                     Crotched Mt/Mt Sunapee, NH            Grand Targhee, WY
Crystal Mt/Snoqualmie, WA                                 Heavenly/Northstar/Kirkwood,.CA    Jackson Hole, WY
Cypress Mt., BC, Canada                                      Hidden Valley/Snow Creek, MO          Lake Louise, AB, Canada
Deer Valley, UT                                                       Hunter Mt, NY                                       Mammoth Mt, CA
Jackson Hole, WY                                                    Jack Frost/Big Boulder, PA                  Mt Buller, Australia
Killington/Pico, VT                                                  Kicking Horse, BC, Canada                  Niseko United, Japan
Lake Louise/Sunshine/Norquay,AB, Canada    Liberty/Roundtop/Whitetail, PA          Panorama, BC, Canada
Loon Mt, NH                                                           Mt Brighton, MI                                     Revelstoke, BC, Canada
Mammoth/June Mt, CA                                        Mt Ste Anne/Stoneham, QC Canada  Snowbird, UT
Mont Tremblant, QC, Canada                             Nakiska, AB, Canada                              Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, CA
Revelstoke, BC, Canada                                       Okemo/Mt Snow, VT                               Sugarbush, VT
Snowshoe, WV                                                       Paloi Peaks, IN                                         Sugarloaf, ME
Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, CA                    Park City, UT                                            Sun Peaks, BC, Canada
Steamboat, CO                                                      Snowbasin, UT                                        Taos, NM
Stratton/Sugarbush, VT                                       Stevens Pass, WA                                    Thredbo, Australia
Sunday River/Sugarloaf, ME                               Stowe, VT                                                  Valle Nevado, Chile
Taos, NM                                                                Sun Valley, ID    
Winter Park/Eldora Mt, CO                                  Telluride, CO    
Thredbo/Mt. Buller, Australia                              Vail/Beaver Creek, CO    
Valle Nevado,  Chile                                               Whistler/Blackcomb, BC, Canada    
Niseko United, Japan                                             Wilmot, WI    
Coronet Peak/Remarkables/Mt Hutt, NZ           Perisher/Falls Creek/Hotham, Australia    
Zermatt, Switzerland                                             11 Resorts in Japan    
Indy Pass offers an affordable alternative to the big resorts for the skiers who only get out a few days a season. You get 2 lift days each at 47 independently owned resorts. Passes go on sale in September. See details at
(Chart updated July 2020)