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​Our store operates through Land’s End Business Outfitters, there is a large but limited selection of items.  When you select an item, you can add the KOPSC logo to it.  You will need to select a location for the logo (e.g. right chest, left chest, etc.) and need to select a logo.  We have three logos to select from.  One logo is specifically for ball caps, so you probably should never use that one.  Usually you will need to order a large number of ball caps.  The other two logos are very similar with the only difference being the size of the “SKI CLUB” words at the bottom of the logo. 

If you don’t see what you are looking for in the KOPSC store, but want something from the regular Land’s End website, just call the Land’s End Business Outfitters number and tell them what you want (i.e. item number and size).  They will usually be able to add our logo.  The people at Land’s End Business Outfitters extremely helpful in this regard.

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