Guidelines for Submitting Items to the KOPSC Monthly Mogul 


Activity Ads 

General KOPSC activities need to be scheduled through our Activities Chair prior to publicizing the event. All activities should be advertised in the Monthly Mogul, as that is the primary communications vehicle for our club. Not all of our members subscribe to our Listserv, so please do not use that as your primary means of advertising planned club activities. Note that if you are running an activity that gets approved by the Activities Chair after the monthly submission deadline, please contact the Mogul staff to see if space can be reserved for your ad. We will do our best to accommodate you.


Activity leaders are responsible for submitting ads for their events. Please provide an ad in the format shown below, providing basic details about the event, as well as logistics and your contact information (refer to recent Mogul ads as examples). If payment needs to be submitted, include your address. You do not need to include a release form in your ad – we provide one in the Mogul every month and on the website. However, if there is something special that needs to be noted in the release form for your event (e.g., tee-shirt size, entrée selection), state that in your ad.


Please submit your ad in an MS Word document only! Please do not incorporate significant formatting or create your own layout design as your submission file. Layout files do not always transfer intact across different operating systems and different types/versions of software. (If you have a suggestion for how to do the layout, feel free to submit that as a separate file.) If you have a graphic or photo you want us to run with your ad, please send that as a separate file with your ad copy.


Format for standard activity ads:


Articles/Write-ups About Club Events

If you're submitting a write-up on a recent event or an article about a topic of interest to the club, please strive to keep the word count below 500. And generally, only major events like ski trips and the banquet warrant 500 words.


File Title

When submitting your item(s), please help us out and name your file (and email subject line) in a manner that makes it easily recognizable, such as “Outdoor Tennis,” “March Dine-Around,” or “Jim Thorpe Hike.”



Please proofread your ad/article before submitting. Do a Spellcheck and then double-check the accuracy of names, phone numbers, and email addresses. This is your responsibility! The Mogul staff will proofread your submission again prior to publishing; however, we are doing only minimal fine-tuning. An ad or article that needs considerable work will be sent back to you for revisions. 


Submitting Your Ad/Article

Ann Davis coordinates articles for the Monthly Mogul and provides appropriate items to our Webmaster as well.  Send all articles and ads to her and copy layout editor Lydia Hill.  If Ann has not acknowledged receiving your file within two days, it’s a good idea to ask her if she got it. If you need an ad to run more than one month, it doesn’t hurt to remind us every month to run it again, but you do not need to resubmit the item. If there is a minor edit to a previously published ad, please submit the revised Word doc with the update highlighted. If a recurring activity is no longer running or temporarily suspended, as is common for seasonal activities, just send Ann an email asking that it be removed from the next issue.

Also consider forwarding information about your activity to our Facebook moderator Debbie Rounds and Meetup coordinator Murray Hadley



We would love to run your digital photos of club events in the Monthly Mogul and on the website. Send all photos including captions and the names of people in the photo to Ann (and Lydia). If you are sending photos or other large files, please try to email them as a zipped file, rather than one email per picture. Photos should be sent in .jpg format with the file named with a caption OR with an accompanying caption in a Word document. If the photo is of a small group (no more than 6 people), WE NEED NAMES IN THE CAPTION, or else names may not get published. Word documents containing embedded pictures must have the pictures extracted and sent as a separate .jpg file. If separate .jpg files are not received, the pictures will not appear in the Mogul.


Submission Deadline

Our goal is to have the Monthly Mogul distributed by the first day of each month, therefore the deadline to submit articles is the 20th of each month! We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines when submitting your ad or article to the Monthly Mogul. This will help us to be more efficient in getting your word out each month.

Updated November 2016

Suggested headline (not in all caps)


Short paragraph to describe/tease the event


When:               time, day, date  (time should be formatted as “10:00 AM” [example])

Where:              name of location

                        Address of location, including township (no need to include state, if PA)

Cost:                $XX.00

Deadline:          date

Limit:                (number of attendees)


Extra details, if any, in short paragraph. These may include directions and link to website for event/venue.


To register, send check made payable to KOPSC, along with signed release form to:

            Activity leader’s name


            Phone #

            Email address


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