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How to Vote

It’s time to vote for the 2023-2024 KOPSC Board of Directors. Your vote is important in determining the composition of the Board. As has become our practice in recent years, we are conducting the election via online balloting. This year, you will have the option of voting in advance of – or during – the April monthly meeting. We will send a link to the e-ballot about one week before the meeting. If you prefer to vote at the monthly meeting, you will need to have a smartphone or similar device with internet access so you can scan the QR code that we will provide in order to access the e-ballot.


At the April 18th meeting, our Judge of Elections will tabulate the results, and the winners will be announced at the end of the meeting.


When you receive the email with the information about voting online, please follow the link to the ballot and let your vote be counted.


Please see the list of candidates below. Job descriptions for the Board positions may be reviewed at


Candidates for the 2023-2024 Board of Directors

Rick Bunn photo.jpg

Rick Bunn, Candidate for President

I have been a member of the King of Prussia Ski Club since 2016. I am married and have two adult children who are also members and have been on KOPSC ski trips with me over the last several years. I started skiing at the age of four and have enjoyed the sport my entire life, and I have made some great friends at KOPSC events. I am an entrepreneur with business interests in the energy sector, land development and residential home construction. KOPSC has provided me with a lot of enjoyment, and I want to use my business skills to contribute to the continued success of the ski club.


I am running for the position of President. The last several years I have been Chair of the Ski Trip Planning Committee, working with other members of KOPSC to plan and execute ski trips. I currently serve as a Member-at-Large. My goal in both roles was to always make decisions that provided the greatest benefit for the largest number of our members. If I am elected as your President, I will continue to work hard to make the King of Prussia Ski Club the best it can be for all the KOPSC members.

Gavin Murdoch photo.jpg

Gavin Murdoch, Candidate for Vice President

Gavin Murdoch has been the Vice President of the KOPSC Board for the 2022-2023 season. In that role, he has managed the agenda and meetings for the Board and Committee meetings, ensuring we get full engagement and thorough review of club activities and decisions. He is currently running the preparations for the 2023 Spring Banquet with a team of volunteers and we hope for a great event.


Professionally, Gavin has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 32 years, serving in operational, technical, procurement and business development leadership roles for both Merck and Co., Inc and ThermoFisher. Currently, as Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships, he leads teams that create novel technology and supply chain solutions to serve customer’s innovation and growth needs.


Gavin is also an active member of Drug Chemical and Associated Trades, a leading industry business networking organization serving on multiple committees, and as a member of the Board.


Gavin holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut, an MBA in Finance from Villanova University, and a Masters in Engineering Management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Gavin loves to ski, sail and is learning golf. His children Alex and Christina will hopefully join him for more trips.

Hough Head Shot.jpg

Gary Hough, Candidate for Treasurer

I am Gary Hough, and I have been Treasurer for KOPSC since May of last year and would like to continue in that role for the next year. In the past year, we have streamlined the KOPSC payment system with online payments, Doc-u-sign and updated to QuickBooks online.


My wife Jacqueline and I have been members of KOPSC for around 16 years and have been on a ski trip or two every year since then. We have lived in Princeton, NJ since 2006. I grew up in Ewing, NJ and graduated from Rider University in 1981 with a double major in accounting and computer science.


In March 2021, I retired after almost 40 years from a business that I owned and managed since 1992. We had 25 employees and sales of over $50 million, and I spent a significant part of my time overseeing the finances and accounting of the company, including closing the books every month and filling in for my staff as needed. I even have done the company’s bank reconciliations and all types of tax returns if needed.


I served on the board of trustees for a health insurance program for over 30 years and helped set strategy and financial oversite. I was the VP of the Fuel Merchants of NJ for over 25 years.


I am very familiar with QuickBooks, as we used this software for two smaller businesses that we owned. I did all of the initial setups and monthly accounting for these two businesses. In addition, I am very familiar with Microsoft Excel.

Titanich photo.jpg

Linda Titanich, Candidate for Secretary

Linda retired in 2022 after working in various business and technology roles at Vanguard for 40 years. As a Business Systems Analyst, she documented meeting minutes and system requirements as well as helped with design and testing of websites. She has been the Secretary of KOPSC Board for the last two years and enjoyed learning about how all the trips and activities are planned. Linda has been the Secretary for other non-profit boards, including Home & School Board and parents’ sports club. She has been a ski club member for 5 years and has had fun on ski trips, happy hours, Spring Banquet, and other activities. Linda looks forward to continuing to work with the Board to improve the club for all its members. 

Rommell photo.jpg

Bettina Rommel, Candidate for Member-at-Large

Hello, I am Bettina Rommel, often introduced as Tina. I’ve been an active member of KOPSC for almost seven years, and enjoy skiing, hiking, dine-around dinners, social happy hours, and most recently, my foray into the world of pickleball with the club. I also go ballroom dancing, which I absolutely and thoroughly enjoy.


I’m a single mom of a daughter who works in architecture. Other than my immediate family, the rest of my family still lives in southern Germany, where I was born. If you’ve ever seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” that was my childhood in northeast Philadelphia and then Bucks County, except replacing Greek with German! I’ve also lived in Berks County, and now in Montgomery County.


As a Penn State Engineer, my professional career began in building automation, followed by Industrial water management, and then transitioning into aerospace. Most recently, I worked in international marketing at the construction toy company K’Nex, and have since retired. I’ve also had Board responsibilities for sports, school and church non-profit organizations.


The KOPSC Member-at-Large position is described to me as one where the primary directive is to be the liaison between the members and the Board — to communicate the ideas, concerns and suggestions of KOPSC members directly to the Board and to communicate back to the membership. I know that my professional and personal background could lend itself well to being that kind of “bridge” between you, the KOPSC members, and your elected Board. That will make us a successful team.

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