KOPSC Board meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of every month. They begin promptly at 7:00 PM. Any member of the ski club is welcome to attend; however, please call a board member in advance for information about the meeting place.

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Joanie Riemenschneider 


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Tom Ott


Jeri Lovatt


Joe Shields


Linda Titanich


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Sue Hayes


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Mark Schleyer


Here are the Board of Director Job Descriptions:


This is a one-year post with a subsequent year of board service as past president. The president oversees everyday affairs and activities of the ski club in the best interest of the majority of members and with the guidance of the board of directors. The president is responsible for selecting all committee chairs and may help recruit assistants. He/she also helps run the general membership meetings, maintains papers of incorporation with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and mediates communications between members, committees and/or officers. Candidates for this office must have a history of prior service on the board, chairmanship of a committee, or must have been a member of KOPSC for at least 5 years.


Vice President
This is a one-year post that involves coordinating the annual spring banquet, securing a venue for the following year’s banquet and managing the club mailbox. The vice president typically moderates the monthly board meetings and may be asked to fill in for the president as necessary.


This is a one-year position. The treasurer manages the club's finances, including bank deposits, cash disbursements and the annual filing of corporate tax returns. He/she assists ski trip and activity leaders in reconciling the finances of their events and reporting the results to the board of directors on a monthly basis. Candidates for the office of treasurer must have been a member of KOPSC for at least 2 years.


This is a one-year post. The secretary takes the minutes of board meetings, prepares them for distribution to the board members, and handles club correspondence. He/she maintains a list of donors for committees and the Skimeister, coordinates distribution of donated items and monitors and orders inventory of stationery and supplies. The secretary also maintains electronic versions of all pertinent club files, including policies, contact information for directors and committee chairs, and archives of board meeting minutes.


These are two overlapping two-year positions, with one position coming up for election each year. Members-at-large represent the interests of the general membership at the board level, taking and processing feedback from members about club operations and activities. The first-year MAL monitors feedback generated via the on-line suggestion box throughout the meeting year and coordinates or chairs the nominating committee for officer elections. The second-year MAL chairs the board meetings if the vice president chooses not to. Members-at-large may serve as acting chairs for any standing or ad hoc committees at the request of the president. Candidates for this position must be nominated by the board of directors and must have been club members in good standing for at least one year.


Past President:
The past president supports and counsels the president regarding the transition of their duties, provides input and background on the previous board’s actions and may serve as chair of an ad hoc committee at the request of the president. The past president serves in this board position for as long as the succeeding president is in office.